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Viento en popa: upper intermediate Spanish: Track 8

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This is the first course in the University’s Diploma in Spanish. It extends the language skills developed in previous intermediate and introductory courses and includes a compulsory residential school in Spain. The themes of the course range from talking about the past to urbanism. The course is lively and varied, with a wide range of authentic mixed-media material from Spain and Latin America, structured to allow students to evaluate progress, build confidence and encourage participation. The course will teach you how to communicate in situations ranging from everyday conversation to putting forward your point of view in a debate. Students will also have an opportunity to improve their grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary.This material is taken from The Open University Course L204 Viento en popa: upper intermediate Spanish.

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  • Duration 30 mins
  • Updated Wednesday 3rd September 2008
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Track 8: Spanish Architecture

A guided tour of the most fascinating places in Spain.

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Tracks in this podcast:

Track   Title Description
1 History of the Incas    General introduction to the history of the Inca people and their influence, which extended through an enormous area of Latin America. Play now History of the Incas
2 Inca architecture    Description of the particularities of Inca architecture and methods of construction, which have withstood earthquakes over the centuries. Play now Inca architecture
3 Inca society    Explanation of the organization of Inca society. Play now Inca society
4 Inca agriculture and beliefs    A description of Inca agriculture, which involved the construction of extensive irrigation systems to water their crops. Water acquired a religious symbolism in their culture. The idea of living in harmony with nature persists to the present day. Play now Inca agriculture and beliefs
5 Historic open air theatre: Corral de Comedias    A documentary about the Corral de Comedias, a famous, historic open-air theatre in Almagro. The actors discuss the origins of their troupe, the special architecture of the theatre, their repertoire of comic plays from the Spanish Golden Age and members of the public give their verdict on the theatre and the play. Play now Historic open air theatre: Corral de Comedias
6 At the tourist office    A scene where a tourist asks for information about places to visit in the area. Play now At the tourist office
7 Visit Segovia    An insight into Segovia Play now Visit Segovia
8 Spanish Architecture    A guided tour of the most fascinating places in Spain. Play now Spanish Architecture
9 Integrated Cultures    Segovia's past influences, which include Arabic, Christianity and Gothic, are seen in the architecture Play now Integrated Cultures
10 Spanish cuisine    Julian Duque takes us through his restaurant and shows us the traditional Spanish food he serves Play now Spanish cuisine



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