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What are you capable of?

Updated Thursday, 5th March 2015

Have you ever thought about just how far you could go if you had the tools and opportunities? Let us help in seven easy steps. 

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The most important thing you’ll learn from The Open University is what you are capable of.

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Step 1: Well done, you've taken this step already

Just by clicking on the link to this page, you've taken that first step: recognising the chance you might be capable of something exciting. A change in career. A new step in your life. A brand new passion or the chance to reignite an old one. 
The Open University offers a variety of courses in fascinating and challenging subjects across all levels that could help you discover just what you're capable of. You can use these to build a range of qualifications. 
But if you want to have a little taster first, we can help you on OpenLearn... for free. From free courses and interactive tools in subjects you're passionate about, to videos and podcasts. Or maybe you want your voice heard in our discussion hubs? 
So, where to start?

Step 2: Shrug off the fear

It's often fear that stops us realising our full potential. Discover how people have shrugged fear off and surprised themselves by accomplishing amazing things in the article below. 

Step 3: A bit rusty when it comes to learning? Try this quick FREE course

Have you ever had any of the following thoughts: What do I want to do with my life? How can I reach my goal? Would I cope with studying at college or university? Can I get better at learning? How can I manage the challenges that life keeps throwing my way?
Have a look at our free course, Succeed with learning. Even better, if you complete it, you get a digital badge to mention in your CV or applications... or just to show off to friends. 
You can also find a bunch of other wonderful free courses gathered in this handy hub.

Step 4: What subjects are you interested in? 

Look at the subjects listed at the top of this page. Hover your mouse over the headings for even more subjects or tap once if you're using a mobile device. What subject really gets your heart pumping? Select that subject then delve into all our free content related to that subject. In the first column, you'll find articles from academics, videos, games and more. In the second column are all our free courses. Then if you're ready, check out what qualifications The Open University can offer you in the third column.
Not sure what subject appeals to you? Have a play with our interactive content, watch some videos and listen to some audio to help figure that out. 

Step 5: Okay, time to find out what you're really capable of... 

You've started to get an idea of what you're capable of. Why not turn this into a qualification by considering an Open University course? You can choose from a range of qualifications that include certificates of higher education, diplomas of higher education, foundation degrees or honour degrees. You could also tailor a qualification to your needs and interests by choosing an Open degree, our most popular degree. Request a prospectus today and really start believing in yourself. 

Step 6: Shout about it!

Getting excited exploring all this content? Starting to think you might be capable of something exciting or already signed up for a course? Then let us know. Leave a comment below and share what you've discovered about yourself and your capabilities with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Step 7: Put your feet up and have a cuppa 

It can be pretty intense figuring out what you're capable of and taking the steps to really push yourself. So time to have a little breather before you realise your potential... 




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