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Make it Digital

Updated Friday, 7th August 2015

To celebrate the BBC's Make It Digital season, which includes three co-productions with The Open University, we have collated together a wide array of digital delights for you to get stuck into!

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BBC Make it Digital Season Logo Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: The BBC A major BBC UK-wide initiative to inspire a new generation to get creative with coding, programming and digital technology. BBC Make it Digital aims to get the nation truly excited about digital creativity. It will inspire audiences young and old through world-class TV, radio and online content. Make it Digital will also amplify the great work already taking place across the UK through initiatives with partners.  The Open University has co-produced three programmes in the season and the first two will be aired shortly.

To celebrate the season, we have pulled together content from OpenLearn to get you delving into the Digital World!

Delve deeper...

Graphic of digital data Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: © Alunablue | Image of computer code on a computer screen Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: © Nikolaev | Business person working on keyboard against a technology background Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: © Artur Marciniec | Image of a digital globe in a hand Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: © Binu Omanakkuttan | Padlock on a computer keyboard Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: © Libux77 | Image of architect working with an ipad Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: © Andrey Popov |

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