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Learning at Work with OpenLearn

Updated Wednesday, 26 April 2023

OpenLearn, the free learning platform of The Open University, is delighted to be a partner of Learning at Work Week (15-21 May 2023).

Across our site you will find around 1,000 free courses, as well as topical articles, videos, quizzes and interactive games covering a diverse range of subjects, which makes it the perfect resource to support any Learning at Work Week plans. The animation below explains more about us and the benefits of enrolling on our free courses.

Transcript (PDF document33.2 KB)

As part of our Learning at Work Week activities, we hosted a free webinar event, entitled 'The benefits of digital badges to you, your staff and your business'. If you were unable to attend, please watch the video recording below, to discover from the OpenLearn free learning experts how your business, and employees, can benefit from our free resources.


To help you quickly get to grips with what we’ve got to offer, we’ve collated some free learning we think any business would find useful in 5 key subject areas below.

This is just a fraction of what OpenLearn has to offer: our Skills for Work collection has around 150 items to explore, and you’ll also find courses and content designed to support people outside of work covering health and wellbeing, finance and other topics. Or, discover our most popular courses and content, and see the latest items that are new to OpenLearn.

All our courses provide a statement of participation when completed, and a growing number include a digital badge which can provide significant benefits to employers and employees alike. 

Get started with the collections below and see what OpenLearn has to offer!

Pink banner saying leadership

Learn about leadership, mentoring and coaching, and how to work in and manage diverse teams, with our range of badged courses.

Click here to learn about leadership, mentoring and coaching

 Yellow banner saying teamwork and communication

Become a more effective communicator and an even better team member.

Explore our teamwork and communication courses - click here for content

 Purple banner saying personal development

Enrol on our selection of free badged courses to help you succeed in the workplace and develop career resilience.

Personal development - click here to gain the skills for success

Blue banner saying skills for work

From digital skills to developing an entrepreneurial approach to business, there's lots to discover.

Click here to enhance your skills for the workplace

 green banner saying lunchtime learning

A selection of free courses that can be completed in 2 hours or under. The perfect activity for your lunchtime (or two).

Click here to reveal some courses that take 2 hours or less to complete... 

If you like what OpenLearn has to offer, we could work with you and your business to create a bespoke offer relevant to your organisation. To find out more, or to discuss how else we can support you during Learning at Work Week and beyond, email


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