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Addiction and neural ageing
Addiction and neural ageing

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Glossary for SD805_2
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declarative memory


An intermediate in androgen and oestrogen biosynthesis.


A group of mental disorders characterised by progressive loss of cognitive and other intellectual functions associated with pathological ageing.

denervation supersensitivity

Increased sensitivity of the neurons of the CNS brought about by the proliferation of receptor molecules on the postsynaptic membrane following the loss of synaptic input.

Depression, the

A period in the 1930s in Western economies that was characterised by very high levels of unemployment and poverty.


A region of the body that is associated with a particular spinal nerve.


The lower layer of skin, beneath the epidermis, consisting mainly of loose connective tissue and fibroblasts, and containing nerves, vascular tissue (veins and lymphatics), hairs and sebaceous glands.

developmental psychology

A branch of psychology that sees human development as progressing in qualitative leaps or stages. This branch of psychology has mainly been concerned with childhood development but authors such as Eric Erickson have extended the analysis to the whole of the lifespan.

diabetes mellitus (types I and II)

Clinical condition in which either insulin is absent (type I, insulindependent) or in which insulin responsiveness is lost (type II, non-insulin-dependent). Characterized by the copious production of sweet urine.

dichotic listening

Listening to two different inputs simultaneously. This is a paradigm used very often to study attention where subjects listen to a series of two different things at the same time. Subjects are subsequently asked to repeat words previously presented.

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