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Session 2: The planet is changing

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This line graph shows Observed annual global mean surface temperature anomalies 1850 - 2012 from 3 data sets. The x or horizontal axis shows the year from 1850 to 2010. The y or vertical axis shows temperature anomaly relative to 1961-1900 / °C, from (-0.4 to 0.6) °C.

The data sets are shown as 3 lines - HadCrut in black, GISS in blue and MLOST in orange. The black line covers the whole time extend whilst the other two commence in 1880. The three lines agree well for much of the time though there are small differences and show fluctuations of less than one degree between years. The graph starts around fairly steady values up to 1900 (with a peak just before 1880), a small decline from 1900 to 1910 and a general rise from 1910 onwards.

The graph has no gridlines and the lines join points without symbols.