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Figure 5 is an interactive line graph that plots greenhouse gas concentrations on the y or vertical axis, against year from 1850 to 2020 on the x or horizontal axis. On the interactive, the horizontal axis can be expanded to beyond 2100 and the vertical axis can be expanded to beyond 2000 ppm. The graph has 3 data sets: carbon dioxide concentrations, which rise from 286.8 ppm in 1850 to 391.6 ppm in 2011 and then 398.6 ppm in 2014; methane concentrations, which rise from 801.6 ppb in 1850 to 1803.0 ppb in 2011, and nitrous oxide concentrations, which rise from 270.4 ppb in 1850 to 324.0 ppb in 2011.

 2.2 Greenhouse gases