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Figure 9 is a column bar chart indicating the range of speeds that different animal and plant species can migrate away from their current habitats. The y or vertical axis represents the maximum speed at which species can move (in kilometres per decade), from 0 to 100. The x or horizontal axis shows various species including trees, herbaceous plants, rodents and freshwater molluscs. Not all of the details are required, but as an example, trees might migrate at speeds of (0 - 15) km per decade whilst carnivorous mammals might migrate at speeds from (10 - 100 km per decade).

The graph also indicates speeds needed to survive the various scenarios e.g. RCP8.5 Global average scenarios require a speed of 20 km per decade, which is in range for all species here except trees; RCP8.5 scenarios over flat areas require a speed of over 70 km per decade, achievable by carnivorous mammals and plant -feeding insects but not rodents, primates or any plants shown.

 4 Predictions for life: Natural systems