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Session 3: Mental health promotion and education

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This is a diagram with the heading ‘Internal working models: How a young childs builds up a sense of emotional well-being through relationship with others’. The diagram consists of three circles, with contain the following terms: ‘Other’, ‘Self’ and ‘The world’. The circles are arranged in a triangle formation. Each circle is connected to the other two by arrows, which point in both directions. Each circle is then notated with a list of relevant questions. For ‘Other’ are the following questions: ‘To what extent are others trustworthy?’; ‘What support can I expect?’; ‘Will others help me express emotions?’; ‘How do relationships work?’ For ‘Self’ are the following questions: ‘Am I worthy of attention and love?’; ‘Am I “good enough”?’; ‘Do I have a personal safe emotional space?’ For ‘The world’ are the following questions: ‘How safe is the world “out there” for me to explore?’; ‘How can I be encouraged to find out about how the world works?’; ‘Can I feel confident enough to explore on my own over time?’