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Session 5: Wellbeing and mental health in education settings

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The text of the poem is as follows: ‘No Way. / The Hundred is there. / The Child / Is made of one hundred. / The child has / A hundred languages / A hundred hands / A hundred thoughts / A hundred ways of thinking / Of playing, of speaking. / A hundred always a hundred / Ways of listening / Of marveling, of loving / A hundred joys / For singing and understanding / A hundred worlds / To invent / A hundred worlds / To dream. / The child has / A hundred languages / (and a hundred hundred / hundred more) / But they steal ninety-nine. / The school and the culture / Separate the head from the / body. / To do without head / To listen and not speak / To understand without joy / To love and to marvel. / They tell the child: / To discover the world already / there / And of the hundred / They steal ninety-nine. / They tell the child: / That work and play / Reality and fantasy / Science and imagination / Sky and earth / Reason and dream / Are things / That do not belong together. / And thus they tell the child / That the hundred is not there. / The child says: / No way. The hundred is there.’