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Week 1: Threat landscape

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This bar chart shows the percentages of businesses and charities that have identified a breach of attack in the last 12 months. A footnote explains that the data is based on 748 business and 134 charities. The types of attack and percentages are as follows: Fraudulent emails or being directed to fraudulent websites – businesses 86%, charities 85%; Others impersonating organisation in emails or online – businesses 26%, charities 39%; Viruses, spyware or malware – businesses 16%, charities 22%; Hacking or attempted hacking of online bank accounts – businesses 9%, charities 10%; Ransomware – businesses 8%, charities 10%; Unauthorised use of computers, networks or servers by outsiders – businesses 6%, charities 8%; Unauthorised use of computers, networks or servers by staff – businesses 3%, charities 6%; Any other breaches or attacks – businesses 5%, charities 6%.