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Session 7: Should we engineer the climate?

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Figure 9 shows two screen shots. The first is of the headline and sub-heading from a Buzzfeed article titles 'Sea level Rise from Antarctic Ice Melt May Not Be As Bad As Feared'. The text underneath states: ' A new study looking at thousands of models says that the worst case scenario might be lower than previously thought, and highlights the uncertainty in modelling ice sheets. The article is by Tom Chivers. The second is from the Environment section of The Times and is an article written by Ben Websiter, the Times' Environment Editor. The headline is: 'Threat of melting Antactic ice has been exaggerated'. The text shows reads: 'The risk of the Antarctic ice sheet to collapsing and flooding coasts around the world has been exaggerated, according to researchers. Previous studies had claimed that melting Antarctic ice could contribute 1 metre to the rising sea levels by the end of the century, flooding the homes of 150 million people and threatening dozens of coastal cities.'