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Session 2: The components of a computer

Completion requirements

This is an advert for a laptop. It contains an image of an open laptop and the following text: The new K53u-Sx297v laptop. Ideal for work or play, the perfect back to school essential. The top specs: long batter life, a massive 500gb of storage, 6gb of memory, Windows 7 HP. The tech spec: Display - 15.6 inch LED HD 1080p. OS - Windows 7 Home Premium. Processor - AMD E450 1.65hz. Number of cores - 2. Hard drive - 500gb 540 Rpm. Ram - 6gb DDR3 (max 8gb). Extras - built in webcam, SD card reader, Office 2010. 1 year warranty including 5 years free support. Our price £317.