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Session 1: Ethics, trust and academic community: why?

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To the left there is a piece of writing which represents the students submitted work. It says:

‘This is just a piece of made-up text to illustrate what a software report looks like. Reports come out with an overall percentage match, and whilst that is useful it doesn’t really tell the full picture.

‘An academic will look at the individual script and decide whether they think this work needs further investigation. If it needs further investigation, it gets sent through to the Universities Academic Conduct Office.

‘An academic conduct officer will look carefully at the matching. Sometimes the officer will send the student a copy of their original script, ‘marked up’ to show where matching has occurred.

‘The software report is used as a platform, to help identify any problem areas – it can identify websites (current and archived) where material matches.’

Certain parts of this text are highlighted in different colours.

To the right is a box titled ‘Originality report’. It shows 26% Similarity Index (highlighted in red), 24% Internet sources, 14% publications and the percentage for Student papers is left blank. The primary sources were:

  1. (Internet source) - 4%
  2. (Internet source) - 4%
  3. (Internet source) - 3%