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Session 2: Sounds

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An image showing part of a piece of ancient Greek painted pottery against a pale grey background. The image shows half of a round vessel, decorated with a scene painted in light orange on a black background. Five figures are shown. On the far left, a seated adult male figure with a beard faces right. He wears a draped garment on his lower half and holds a stringed musical instrument in his lap. To his right, a seated boy faces to the left. He is also dressed in a draped garment and holds a stringed instrument. In the middle, an adult male bearded figure is seated facing right. He wears the same garment and hold an open scroll in front of him. To his right, a boy stands facing left dressed in a draped garment over his whole body. On the far right, a seated adult male bearded figure faces the viewer and looks to the left. He wears a draped garment over his shoulder and lower half, and holds a staff with a curved top in his right hand. Above the figures appear two more stringed instruments as well as other objects.