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Session 5: Word endings

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A black and white close-up photograph of a section of pottery. A flat vertical surface faces the viewer. It is edged by two raised lips, painted a dark colour. On the main surface, two scenes are painted. At the top, a female winged figure faces to the right, wearing a decorated gown. To the right is a deer and to the left is a lion. The figure holds the neck of each animal in her hands. Below this appears a scene of two figures, one carrying the other. The main figure is male, faces right and wears a helmet. He kneels down on his right knee with his left foot forward. Over his left shoulder he carries another male figure who faces downwards, with his eyes closed and his long hair hanging down. To the left the ancient Greek name ΑΧΙΛΕΥΣ is written backwards. To the right the ancient Greek name ΑΙΑΣ is written.