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Session 8: Seeking expert support and accessing services

Completion requirements

An illustration demonstrating statistics for 1,000 children: a model for local commissioners. In the centre is a circle full of outlines of people. There are five circles coming from the middle and surrounding the main image. From the top left, going clockwise: ‘Every child can benefit from help to have the best start and promote mental health, resilience an coping skills.’ ‘One child in 1,000 will have a very serious problem requiring hospital care.’ ‘About 17 children may have serious diagnosable difficulties needing specialist treatment.’ ‘70 children may have common diagnosable problems and need effective help.’ ‘Around 150 children in 1,000 may need extra help to prevent later crises.’ At the bottom of this, there is the following text: This model was developed by Centre for Mental Health building on research by Kurtz, 1996. Kurtz, K. (1996) Treating children well: a guide to using the evidence base in commissioning and managing services for the mental health of children and young people. London: Mental Health Foundation. © Centre for Mental Health 2017