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Physical activity for health and wellbeing in the caring role

A bar chart titled ‘Adult informal carers by employment status and gender, 2018/19, United Kingdom’.

The y-axis is labelled ‘Percentage of informal carers’ and goes up in increments of 10, starting at 0 and going up to 50. The y-axis shows the different employment status of carers: Full-time employment, Part-time employment, Unemployed, Retired, Other economically inactive. A key also identifies the gender of the carer. Pink represents male carers, blue represents female carers.

The graph shows the following data:

  • Full-time employment (Male): 43%
  • Full-time employment (Female): 27%
  • Part-time employment (Male): 9%
  • Part-time employment (Female): 23%
  • Unemployed (Male): 3%
  • Unemployed (Female): 2%
  • Retired (Male): 28%
  • Retired (Female): 23%
  • Other economically inactive (Male): 18%
  • Other economically inactive (Female): 25%