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Session 7: Supporting children as readers at home

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Supporting readers at home poster including the covers of the books: A Kind of Spark, Lubna and Pebble, Julian is a Mermaid, Here We Are, and the magazine Beano.

Open University research suggests there are three important ways to support readers and a love of reading:

  • Read aloud - reading aloud to your children shows them reading is a pleasure, not chore. Older children can read to younger ones too.
  • Family reading time – making time to read alongside one another helps develop children’s stamina and interest. Let them choose what they want to read and relax together.
  • Book chat – book chats encourage readers. Invite them to make connections and share their views. Join in with your thoughts too!
    • I wonder if … why … what … who.

Children who read, and are supported as readers, develop strong reading skills and do better at school.