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Week 7: Variable stars

Completion requirements
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Image request form from the website. In the colours of orange on black, the form shows the Step 1 – Select Target screen. There are white fields for entering RA and DEC coordinates, and below these another white field labelled Name and containing the name 'EA1'. To the right is a box labelled RA DEC information with a horizontal coloured bar labelled Visibility – By Month. This bar is divided into twelve segments labelled with the months of the year and coloured red, orange or green to indicate visibility of the object. November and December are coloured red to indicate that the object is not visible in those months. The months from March to August are coloured green to indicate good visibility and the remaining months either side of the green zone are coloured orange indicating poor visibility. The month of July is highlighted to indicate the date of observation with the legend 'Current: Good' confirming good visibility at this time.