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Session 4: Pelvic floor muscles: out of sight and often overlooked

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The figure shows a series of phrases about urinary incontinence in sport and fitness, as follows: ‘Before every gymnastics routine I am just thinking “I hope I don’t wet myself in front of all these people”’; ‘I had to stop playing netball as I think every time I landed I leaked!’; ‘It was so bad as every time I laughed a bit of wee came out’; ‘I knew there were issues during aerobics, but nowhere near as bad as they were, and I’m not mortified that the people behind me might have seen something’; ‘I only leak when I do double unders in cross fit, which I kind of feel is OK, it’s annoying but I’m OK with it’; ‘We all go for a quick wee before our bootcamp, behind the wee wee tree and have a good laugh about it’; ‘I’m so worried about having an accident that I’ve now stopped running and switched to home circuits, I really miss going out with my friends’; ‘As long as I stop drinking at lunch time then I know I’ll be fine during training which starts at 7’.