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Developing Reading for Pleasure: engaging young readers

In the centre of the mindmap is the title: Outdoor Reading Adventures: ‘Wild Readers!’

Arrows then come off from the centre to the following suggestions:

  • Magazines about nature?‘Forest School book chest’
    • Arrows from this then point to: ‘old favourites’; themed - suggestions/weeks?; pack of Post-It notes – Post it recommendations; ‘Forest School bookmarks’ – leaf prints/’nature hunt’; make our own Forest School bookmarks
  • making ‘reading burrows’ & ‘reading dens
    • Arrows from this then point to: crawling in to read; in groups – Forest School names; building with materials from the forest that will make them dark – torches!!
  • up trees
  • twilight – storytelling and fire as sun sets!
  • drinks & snacks: s’mores & toasted marshmallows & hot chocolates & popcorn
  • finish each session with reflections & recommendations around log circle & hot chocolate
  • ‘Poet-ree’ – leave poems we enjoy/write for others to enjoy – as the leaves are falling off the trees!
  • blankets – ‘bring your own blanket’ – Forest school balnket box
  • ‘Blind Date a Book’
  • Miss W/Mrs Gower to wrap up a surprise book
  • ‘comfortable places to curl up & read – ‘cosy corners in the forest’

Also written is a weekly plan: Week 1: reading burrow/den buildings; Week 2: Forest School bookmark making; Week 3: [blank].