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Session 3: Aspirations

Completion requirements
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An illustration of 6 hats in a pile, from top to bottom, white, red, green, yellow, black and blue. The white hat is labelled ‘WHITE HAT FACTS’ ‘Gather data to understand the issue or problem to solve.’ The red hat is labelled ‘RED HAT FEELINGS’ ‘State hunches and intuition without judgement or prejudice.’ The green hat is labelled ‘GREEN HAT CREATIVITY’ ‘Express new concepts and perceptions.’ The yellow hat is labelled ‘YELLOW HAT POSITIVITY’ ‘Be optimistic, probe for value and benefits.’ The black hat is labelled ‘BLACK HAT JUDGEMENT’ ‘Spot difficulties and dangers. Questions the feasibility of approaches to the problem.’ The blue hat is labelled ‘BLUE HAT ANALYSIS’ ‘Used to manage the process and make sure that each hat is used correctly’.