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Week 2: Diversity characteristics and discrimination – Part 1

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A graphic from Genius Within representing the spectrum of neurodivergence.

In the centre is the side profile of a face, with the label Neurominorities. Surrounding this, there are different labelled circles going all the way around. From the top, going clockwise:

Dyscalulia. Innovative thinking. Verbal skills. This circle overlaps with Dyslexia and the overlap is labelled creativity.

For Dyslexia: visual thinking, creativity and 3D mechanical skills. Dyslexia then overlaps with ADHD, and the overlap is labelled authenticity.

For ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder): creativity, hyper-focus, and energy and passion. ADHD overlaps with Tourette Syndrome and this overlap is labelled Hyper-focus.

For Tourette Syndrome: observational skills, cognitive control and creativity. Tourette Syndrome overlaps with Acquired Neurodiversity and the overlap is labelled innovative thinking.

For Acquired Neurodiversity: adaptability and empathy. Acquired Neurodiversity overlaps with Mental Health and this overlap is labelled resilience.

For Mental Health: depth of thinking and expression. Mental Health overlaps with Autism and the overlap is labelled sensory awareness.

For Autism: concentration, fine detail processing and memory. Autism overlaps with DCD/Dyspraxia and this overlap is labelled honesty.

For DCD/Dyspraxia: verbal skills, empathy, intuition. This then overlaps with the first circle, Dyscalulia, and the overlap is labelled verbal skills.