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Session 2: Integration

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This figure has two parts. On the left-hand side is a single unlabelled horizontal axis and on the right is an unlabelled set of Cartesian axes. There is a curved arrow linking the two labelled gamma. The left-hand axis is labelled with four points starting at the left with t sub zero equals a, then t sub 1, t sub k and finally t sub n equals b. A bold line segment joins the points a to b type. Underneath the line segment between the points t sub 1 and t sub k and t sub k and t sub n is an ellipsis. The right-hand set of axes is concentrated in the upper-right quadrant and has an arbitrary path marked with an arrow going from left to right and labelled capital gamma. The path starts at the point labelled z sub zero equals gamma of a and finishes at the point labelled z sub n equals gamma of b. The path is labelled as z sub k equals gamma of t sub k. The point z sub 1 equals gamma of t sub 1 is on the paths and labelled. There are two instances of an ellipsis shown under and along the path.