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Session 4: Supported living

Completion requirements

I ask about the day’s event: ‘How was the treasure hunt?’ Robin’s face lights up and he tells me it was good. I ask who did he go with and he says ‘with mum and baby George’ who went to the café, and with Hannah, who went on the actual hunt with him. I ask Robin what he found, and he said he found money. ‘How?’ I want to know. ‘With a metal detector’. ‘That’s so cool’ I say. ‘Yes’ Robin agrees. ‘How was the beach?’ I ask ‘Busy, there were people in the water.’ ‘What, really? In wetsuits?’ I ask as it’s only April and I cannot imagine the sea being too warm, ‘No just swimming suits’ Robin clarifies ‘and many people on the sand’ he adds. ‘Kids?’ ‘Yes, many’. ‘Dogs?’ ‘Some.’ Robin is happy to share it all with me and I can tell the trip was a success. I say it all sounds like great fun and that I have never been on a treasure hunt, ‘how do you do it?’ I want to know ‘like, where do you even start?’. Robin gets up and leaves the room, he walks upstairs and comes back carrying a piece of paper, he hands to me. It’s a treasure map. It has been drawn beautifully on paper that is meant to look old. Robin tells me that a pirate who died long time ago hid his treasure but also left a map. I ask him where did he get the map from and he tells me he found it under a rock. ‘How did you know where to look?’ ‘There was a bottle with message in a cave’ ‘was all wrapped in seaweed’ Hannah chimes in. I realise she has been listening all the time to our exchange but unlike Robin’s mum, she stays in the background, allowing the conversation to take place between me and Robin. The result is that Robin is much more chatty and he tells me about the details of his adventure, how he got stuck in a quicksand, how he had to get down on his hands and knees to get into the cave, how he had to use a torch, finally, where the treasure was. He then leaves the room again and returns with a small plastic chest and hands it to me. I open it and look at the treasure inside. It is full of golden ‘pirate’ coins and some plastic ‘gemstones’. Robin lets me look at it all for a bit, I pick up bits and pieces and admire them. I hand the treasure chest back to Robin and he takes it back upstairs. Throughout the entire exchange, Robin speaks with ease and genuine excitement. Hannah leaves us a lot of space as she plays with the cat in the dining room.