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The many guises of the emperor Augustus
The many guises of the emperor Augustus

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This image shows a line of people standing and walking to the left in a group. At the front (left) is a figure labelled ‘1’. He is mainly broken away but it is clear he is wearing a toga and a (laurel) wreath on his head. Behind him is another man in a toga. Behind them is a group of men (labelled ‘2’) wearing large, double-layed togas draped across the front of their bodies in a ‘U’ shape and small hats consisting of a disc with a spike on top. Next are various figures (males, females and children) who represent members of Augustus’ family. The first is a figure labelled ‘3’ who is wearing an imperial toga with the back of it pulled up over his head. Figure ‘4’ is a woman wearing a floor-length tunic and a large, rectangular cloak pulled up over the back of her head. Figure 5 is a woman wearing the same clothing as figure 4, but the cloak is draped around her shoulders rather than over her head. Figure 6 is a man standing side-on wearing a short, belted tunic and cloak around his shoulders (military dress). One can only see the top of figure 7, but it is an adult woman with her cloak pulled up over her head. Figures 8-10 are all children standing in the foreground and interacting in various ways with the adults. Figure 8 is a small boy wearing an imperial toga. Figure 9 is a slightly older boy wearing an imperial toga. Figure 10 is a girl of around 10-14 wearing a toga.
Figure 21 Relief showing a religious procession on the south side of the Ara Pacis (‘Altar to Peace’ or ‘Altar to the Pax Augusta’), a large monument built for Augustus in Rome to celebrate the peace following the civil wars. Key figures in this scene: 1. Augustus (damaged), 2. a group of priests, 3. Agrippa (Augustus’ son-in-law), 4. Julia (Augustus’ daughter), 5. Antonia Minor (Augustus’ niece), 6. Drusus (Augustus’ stepson), 7. Antonia Maior (another niece), 8. Germanicus, 9. Ahenobarbus, 10. Domitia (Augustus’ grandnephews/nieces). NB: please take note of the entire image in terms of what it means for Augustus to be depicted in this scene with his family members and, as far as you can identify it, what dress is worn by Augustus and his relatives.

 4.2 Augustus’ outfits