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Figure 47 is a close up photograph of a label attached to a product. The following words and numbers are written on 5 rows that are aligned to the left of the label. Row 1: “PHILIPS” written in relatively large capital letters. Row 2: “HD4644”. Row 3: “/00/A 220-240V ~ 50/60Hz”. Row 4: “2500-3000W”. Row 5: “Made in China”. Row 3 is the longest row and extends to a little over half way across the label. The following graphic symbols are displayed in two rows aligned to the right of the label. The top row has a single symbol and it is the manufacturer's logo (i.e. Philips). The bottom row starts about midway across the label under the letter “z” in row 3 of the text. It has 3 symbols. The first is the logo for another quality standards system called Kema-Keur. The second symbol is the CE logo. The third symbol is a simplified drawing of a wheelie bin with a cross superimposed on it indicating that the product should not be thrown away with normal waste.

 3.5 Why have standards?