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Figure 54 comprises two photographs labelled 'a' and 'b'. Photograph 'a' is of a Kenwood Chef food mixer. It is a close up view and only the front and one side of the mixer is visible. The body of the mixer is shaped like a letter 'u' on its side and a relatively large bowl is positioned inside the horizontal arms of the U-shape. To remove the bowl, the top part of the mixer has to be raised. On the upright side of the mixer there is a graduated selector dial. The tools used to mix the food in the bowl are not visible. Photograph 'b' is of a toy helicopter. The front, side and top of the helicopter is visible. The body of the helicopter resembles a conventional small helicopter. The rotor blades are quite different. There are two pairs of rotor blades rotating in opposite directions one above the other but sharing the same axis of rotation. The shaft for the top rotors will have to go through a hollow shaft for the lower rotors. On top of both pairs of rotors there is a relatively large stabilizing bar. The tail rotor is also different from conventional helicopters in that it rotates around a vertical rather than horizontal shaft.