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Figure 19 is an array of 6 photographs of aircraft in flight. Reading from top left, the first aircraft is the Wright Flyer. There is a man standing on the ground implying that the Wright Flyer did not get very high and is about the size of a modern light aircraft. The next aircraft is the Spitfire made famous by its role in World War 2. The 3 rd aircraft is the de Havilland Comet which was the first production commercial jet airliner. The 4 th aircraft is Concorde which was the first passenger aircraft to be capable of supersonic speeds. The 5 th aircraft is the Boeing 787 Dreamliner representing the modern passenger aircraft capable of carrying much greater numbers of passengers in exceptional comfort. The final aircraft is the Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo which is designed to take passengers into space. These photographs illustrate the development of aircraft design.