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Visions of protest: Graffiti

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Tat’s Cru graffiti:

A brightly coloured piece advertising McDonalds.

At the top left of the picture is written the phrase ‘I’m lovin’ it’.

There is a brightly coloured orange sun in the centre of the image with smiling a face and sunglasses. Beneath the sun are 3 brightly coloured multi storey buildings (2 to the left, one to the right) which have curvy rather than straight sides. A red rectangle with a yellow ‘M’ sits on top of the building to the left and ‘32oz’ is written on the side of the building. On the side of the building far right is written ‘Only $1’. A giant paper cup labelled ‘Micky D’s sweet tea’ sits in the centre below the sun - it is as large as one of the buildings. A person lounges in the cup as if at the side of a swimming pool and there are blocks of ice and a slice of lemon in the cup. A car appears to be dissolving at the base of the cup.