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Week 8: Your plan

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This is a force-field analysis diagram for Mike. It shows the varying weights of the factors likely to affect his plans. It is also an example to refer to when drawing your own force-field diagram.

There are five forces indicated by three right-facing arrows and two left-facing arrows: three for and two against. All the arrows each have a different thickness.

Of the ‘for’ (or ‘helping’) factors the thickest arrow is ‘Energy and enthusiasm’ (this is the thickest of all the factors – for and against). It is at the bottom of the left-hand column. The next thickest arrow is ‘No family ties so free to move and to take salary cut’ and then the thinnest is ‘Lots of informal experience’ (this is the thinnest of all the factors – for and against).

The ‘against’ (or ‘hindering’) factors are on the right of the diagram: ‘No work-based experience’ (thickest, bottom) and ‘Few qualifications’ (top).