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Discovering disorder: young people and delinquency

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This figure depicts a circular figure with paragraphs of text connected in a circle by arrows. The top centre text says ‘public definition of crime’ as the title. The text underneath says ‘consequences of selective knowledge about crime: fear, less tolerance, calls for crackdowns, etc. …’ This text is joined by an arrow to the right that says ‘crime’ as the title. Then the text underneath says ‘as defined by crime control agencies’. There is another arrow coming down from the top right from this text, which says ‘deviant act’. From ‘crime’, another arrow goes down into the title ‘operation of news values’. The text underneath says ‘selective practices of news making’. This text is then joined by an arrow now going to the left to the following text, ‘crime as news’ with ‘selective portrayal of crime in the media’ below. This text has an arrow now going up to the left towards the title of ‘deviancy amplification’. The text underneath this says ‘targeting of news, public concern and crime control agencies on particular aspects of deviance. Perceived and real increases in deviance’. From this text is another arrow pointed upward and left to ‘moral panic’ with ‘law and order campaign’ below it. The final arrow closes the circle back to ‘public definition of crime’.