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Spray diagram with two bubbles in the centre 'What matters' intersecting with 'What matters most'. To the right it branches out to 'Relationships' which branches out 'Chosen career' and 'Claire & the children' offshoots to 'Equal responsibility, quality time, good education, better sport for children'. The next branch is 'Myself' leads to 'Keeping fit, good qualification, winning good at everything and secure financially'. The next branch is 'Myself'. The following branch is 'Relationships' extends to 'Achieving potential' and 'University for children'. to the left it branches out to 'Work' which offshoots to 'Respect of colleagues', 'Responsibility' and 'Best person for job'. The next branch, 'World' extends to 'Future society' and 'Promoting sport'. The next branch, 'World' extends to 'Environment, health, sport for all and IT'. The final branch, 'Work' leads to 'Ambitious' and 'Sensitive to colleagues' impression of me'.

 5.1 Jon’s values