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A grid showing the possible outcomes of interdependence between China and the United States.

A vertical line shows the outcomes for China – with China gaining at the top of the line, and losing at the bottom. This line is bisected halfway with a horizontal line showing the United States gaining (to the right of the China line) and losing (to the left). The lines therefore create a grid with four boxes. In the top right-hand box, the outcome is that both China and the United States gain from their interaction (positive-sum). In the top left-hand box, China gains but the United States loses. In the bottom right-hand box, China loses but the United States gains. In the bottom left-hand box, both lose (negative-sum). A diagonal line from the top left-hand box to the bottom right-hand box explains that these show zero-sum outcomes, in which the gains of one state balance the losses of the other.

The lines are shown in black and the background is blue.

 3.5 Picturing Interdependence