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Figure 4 description.

Figure 4 is a graph. The horizontal axis along the bottom of the figure is labelled ‘Team effectiveness’ and the vertical axis on the left is labelled ‘Performance impact’. The graph is a single curved line which begins on the left-hand side about half-way up the vertical axis. The curve increases briefly and at the maximum there is a label ‘Working group’. The curve declines to a minimum one-third of the way across the horizontal axis where it is labelled ‘Pseudo team’. The curve then rises in the middle third of the axis and almost reaches the top of the figure, and approximately half-way up is labelled ‘Potential’. In the final third, the curve begins to flatten out and is labelled ‘Real team’. Finally, the curve is horizontal and is shown dotted; this part is labelled ‘High-performing team’.

 3.2 Implications of the team development model