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This line graph shows how Barclays Bank share price changed with time. The horizontal axis is labelled ‘From Nov 10 2008 to Jan 12 2009’ and is marked in units of date, from November 2008 to 12 January 2009, at intervals of 1 week. The vertical axis is not labelled and is marked in units of share price, from 110 to 190, at intervals of 10.The divisions on the vertical axis are gradually and evenly getting smaller as the share price increases up the vertical axis. The line is a series of short straight lines joined to form a continuous line. It starts at just below 190 for 10 November and falls to a low of around 130 between 17 November and 24 November. After that the line rises in a series of peaks back to nearly 190 on 12 January.

 3.1 Cheating with line charts