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This figure shows a set of folder icons with some of the files having the contents showing as well. At the top left the highest level file is shown. To the left of each folder symbol is an arrowhead and to the right of the folder symbol is the folder’s name. The top folder is called ‘jit’. The arrowhead next to the jit file points downwards indicating that the contents of that file are shown. In the next row down and set 1 jump to the right is another arrowhead with a folder symbol next to it and name next to that. Whenever an arrowhead points downwards the next level of folder or a file is shown underneath. Further down the figure, folders are shown with the arrowhead pointing to the right. In this case no further levels of folder are shown. At levels where there are no further folders, files such as main.css can be seen, with appropriate icons.

 4 Hierarchical data