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This figure is a visual image of the GROW model. The figure has a central circle split into four labelled segments. Going clockwise first segment is labelled G, the next segment is labelled R, these two segments are linked by a small curved forward arrow. The next is labelled O, the final segment labelled W linked by a small curved forward arrow. The arrows indicate that progress around the segments is circular, moving through G R O and then W.Attached to each segment are labelled boxes. Going clockwise, the box attached to G is labelled Goals. The box attached to segment R is labelled Reality. The box attached to segment O is labelled Options. Finally the box attached to segment W is labelled Will. Next you will work through each stage of the GROW model and consider some key skills and techniques which can be used. To bring the idea of the GROW model alive, some videos will show key coaching skills and techniques which are integrated into a typical GROW model sequence of coaching, though they can be used flexibly to suit both coach and coachee.

 5.2 Using the GROW coaching model