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Session 4: Critical reading and writing

Completion requirements
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This is a flow diagram showing a series of steps. The box at the top has a heading of Survey the text critically. Underneath that are the following list items: get an overview (skim read); read the abstract or summary; read the headings and subsections; look at the boxes and diagrams; read the conclusion and introduction. There is an arrow leading to another box with the heading Conduct a detailed read of selected text(s). Underneath is the following text: Whilst reading it is important to draw on the techniques discussed earlier and, most importantly, how you will draw on the piece of text; for example, its focus on the subject matter, methodology, an exciting application of a theory, a context that has limited generalisability but is relevant to cite, a large scale piece of work that has influenced an area of work, etc. There is an arrow leading to another box with the heading Keep a record of what you are reading. Underneath this is the following text: As a postgraduate student, it is important to record your research footprint. In cases where you have not selected the piece of text for further scrutiny it is important to keep a record in case you decide to draw on that material in the future. Bibliography management tools are available to help you do this.