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A map showing land grab in Senegal by company ownership. The map has some labels for regions and cities, and blue and red circles of different sizes showing the comparative land grab of foreign companies and Senegalese companies respectively. This description provides an overview of the labelled cities and regions, then covers the foreign, then Senegalese land grab. The general impression from the map is that there is more land grab by foreign companies, with the exception of the large area of Senegalese land grab in the north near Saint-Louis.

In this description, the circles of land grab are described in rough size order within their categories of ‘Foreign’ or ‘Senegalese’.

The cities shown are, in order of North to South and West to East: Saint-Louis, Thies, Dakar, Diourbel, Fatick, Tambacounda, Kolda, Zinguinchor, Kedougou.

There are four labelled regions: in the north the Saint-Louis region is marked. To the south of the Saint-Louis region is Louga, and to the south east is Matam. South of Louga, and south of the cities of Diourbel and Fatick, the region of Kaolack is marked.

Land grab by foreign countries: one very large circle appears west of Saint-Louis; a smaller circle appears north east of Kedougou. Still smaller circles appear north east of Thies; north east of Kolda; west of Saint-Louis; north east of Tambacounda; south of Fatick.

 3 Senegal and land acquisition/land grab