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The left-hand column contains bullets points and is titled Weaknesses. The cells below the title are as follows:

Slow inefficient production methods (1)

Limited capacity to manufacture enough bikes to meet demand. (1 and 2)

Market growth 20–25% per year; losing market share. (3)

Patents expired (4)

Based in London, high running costs (5)

Unwilling to relocate (6)

No development of product (7)

Growth constrained through its manufacturing capability (8)

The right-hand column contains a paragraph with numbering which corresponds to the bullet point numbering from the left-hand column. It is titled Student’s paragraph on weaknesses.

Although Brompton has many strengths, it also has weaknesses. (3) The main weakness is that the company is not growing in line with the rest of the market. The market has grown 20–25% year on year and Brompton has been unable to match this rise. (1) This growth has been constrained by inefficient production methods and the(2) inability to produce enough bikes to meet consumer demand. (5) Being based in London makes production more expensive as staff costs are high here. Finally, (4) the issue of patent expiry has not been addressed and there appears to be (7) little research and development into future products and services taking place. Brompton relies on traditional engineering methods and is not looking to the future with how it can innovate further to develop products to meet the demands of customers and improvements to its production methods.

 8.3 From source to notes to paragraph