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This interactive has two columns. The left-hand column contains snippets from the newspaper text and is titled ‘Weaknesses’ from newspaper text. The cells below are as follows:

1. The problem is a mix of capacity – emphasised by a six-month lead time – and sluggish production methods

2. ‘In the past we have not been able to make enough bikes to meet demand,’

3. We have been losing market share. The market has been growing 20% to 25% a year and we haven't been growing at the same rate.’

4. patents Brompton had expired eight years ago

5. being based in a 22,000 sq ft site in London, it does not benefit from the low wage structure of Taiwan, where 80% of bikes are made

6. unwilling to relocate

7. Our bikes have hardly changed in 20 years

8. We had the chance to go into 15 new shops in the US but didn’t because we couldn't supply them

The right-hand column contains bullets points and is titled Weaknesses. The cells below are as follows:

Slow inefficient production methods (1)

Limited capacity to manufacture enough bikes to meet demand. (1 and 2)

Market growth 20–25% per year; losing market share. (3)

Patents expired (4)

Based in London, high running costs (5)

Unwilling to relocate (6)

No development of product (7)

Growth constrained through its manufacturing capability (8)

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