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Week 3: Identifying systems of interest

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At the top of this image is the title: ‘My office is always untidy’. There are then three circles. In the top circle (labelled as 1) are the phrases ‘can’t be bothered to tidy it up regularly’, ‘my shelves and worktops are full already’, ‘rubbish bin too small - have to find plastic sacks’ and ‘haven’t got time to do anything about it’. In the next circle (labelled 2), underneath the first, are the phrases ‘it always got untidy within days of tidying it’, ‘I receive too many papers and other stuff’ and ‘I use the room as a dumping ground for books and papers’. In the bottom circle (labelled 3) are the phrases ‘I always know where to ‘pile’ or find papers so that I can get at them quickly’ and ‘I do file minutes of meetings and so on in my filing cabinet’. Underneath the circules is the following text: 1. Is this just crisis management? Should I spend more time on this? In particular should I remove more stuff off the shelves which I no longer need or use? 2. I am not bothered by an untidy office, but are my colleagues and visitors? Perhaps I should ask them. 3. If I can find things I need why worry? But nobody else will if I am not around. Perhaps I should: a) decide on what is urgent b) decide on what can be bunged any old where c) decide on what I need to be able to find quickly d) sort piles of papers accordingly.