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Series of circular labels forming a mind map.

Central circle is labelled ‘My Community’. Branching off this are 7 more circular labels.

Going clockwise from the top, First circle is labelled ‘Edge of the countryside’. Branching off this are: ‘Rubbish bus service’ (shared with ‘Walk to the nearest train station’); ‘Cycle to the city’; ‘Access to green space’ and ‘Lots of through traffic’ (shared with ‘Limited business activity’).

Second circle is labelled ‘Limited business activity’. Branching off this are: ‘Lots of through traffic’ (shared with ‘Edge of the countryside’); ‘Takeaway round the corner’; ‘No shops’ and ‘Local pub’ (shared with ‘Good social facilities’).

Third circle is labelled ‘Good social facilities’. Branching off this are: ‘Local pub’ (shared with ‘Limited business activity’); ‘New village hall’; ‘Active village hall’; ‘Active church’; ‘New sports pavilion’ and ‘Lots of social events’ (shared with ‘Small community’).

Fourth circle is labelled ‘Small community’. Branching of this is ‘Lots of social events’ (Shared with ‘Good social facilities’).

Fifth circle is labelled ‘Long local history’. Which is linked to the sixth key feature ‘Variety of houses’.

Sixth circle is labelled ‘Variety of houses. Which is linked to the fifth key feature ‘Long local history’. Branching of this is ‘Target for burglaries?’

Seventh circle is ‘Walk to the nearest train station’. Branching of this is ‘Lots of commuters’ and ‘Rubbish bus service’ (which is shared with ‘Edge of the countryside’).

 1.2 Using mind maps to help make sense of complex information