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Week 2: Understanding community relationships

Completion requirements

A business organisation chart with rows of boxes connected, representing the hierarchy.

At the top there is a box with ‘Managing Director’. There is a line underneath that breaks into strands, leading to four boxes in the below tier. The four boxes each have their own descending lineage.

From left to right, the first box contains the word ‘Marketing Director’, connected with a line to a box reading ‘Marketing Managers’, and a finally a box with ‘Sales Teams.

The next box in the second row reads ‘Finance Director’. This leads down to ‘Finance Supervisors’, then finally ‘Accounts Assistants’.

The third box on the second row reads ‘Operations Director’. The connected box underneath contains ‘Production Team Leaders’, followed by ‘Production Team Members’ at the bottom.

On the far right of the second tier, there is a box reading ‘Human Resources Director’. Connected underneath is a box reading ‘Personnel Manager’. There is no box connected underneath.