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Week 6: Vocabulary

Completion requirements

This is a cartoon in six frames. In the first frame, a figure is in a queue. He is saying ‘Okay, practice what you’re gonna say. “I’m here to pick up a package.” “Package” is “Sendung”, female, so the accusative case won’t change the article’. In the next frame, the figure continues ‘“To pick up” is “abholen”, a prefix verb, so remember to separate the prefix out, and don’t forget it goes at the END in this case!’. In the third frame, the figure says ‘Ich bin hier um eine Sendung abzuholen. Ich bin hier um eine Sendung abzuholen. No sweat! Here we go!’ In the next frame, the character is now at the front of the queue and in front of the person working there. He says ‘Flubbbpp blaabbpptthh thbb fbb, pthhththpp thpp bpathh!’ He then says ‘I’m just going to go to the back of the line and try again, okay?’.