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Week 1: Law making powers of the Scottish Parliament

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Figure 2 consists of five circles. One circle in the middle and 4 circles going around it. Each of those 4 circles has an arrow pointing inwards towards the middle circle. The central circle has the words Recommendations in it. The other circles contain the following text.

  1. Strengthening devolution. 24 specific recommendations were made. These included devolving powers for the administration of Scottish elections to the Scottish Government; simplifying the law relating to the regulation of charities, devolving the regulation of airguns, devolving power to set drink-driving limits and the level of the national speed limit.
  2. Strengthening cooperation. This included the developing of mutual respect between Parliaments and Governments – which should be the guiding principle in all their relations. Recommendations included, introducing a regular “state of Scotland” debate in the House of Commons, strengthening the existing mechanisms for both Parliaments to work together, and proposing new ones including a way for the Scottish Parliament to work with the UK Parliament on reserved matters
  3. Strengthening the Scottish Parliament including improvements to the Parliament’s committee system, to its scrutiny of legislation, and to various other procedural matters.