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Week 6: What do people eat?

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Graphic representation of the Japanese food guide spinning top. The top of the figure has the heading, Japanese food guide spinning top, do you have a well-balanced diet? The top of the spinning top has a cartoon figure running, with the label physical activity, and water or teas labelled, representing the centre of the spinning top. There are four different segments going vertically to the bottom of the spinning top, with images of different food items. There is a label coming from the second segment from the bottom: Enjoy snacks, confection and beverages moderately! On the right of the spinning top, there are the following labels, suggesting the guidelines for one day, marking each of the segments: 5–7 SV grain dishes, 5–6 SV vegetable dishes, 3–5 SV fish and meat dishes, 2 SV milk, and 2 SV fruits. SV is an abbreviation of serving, which is a simply countable number describing the approximated amount of each dish or food served to one person. The bottom of the figure has the text: decided by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and Ministry of Agricultute, Forestry and Fisheries.