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Week 6: What do people eat?

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An image of Mediterranean diet pyramid, at the top of the image there are two labels, on the left: Mediterranean diet pyramid: a lifestyle for today guidelines for adult population. On the right: serving size based on frugality and local habits. There are eight bars going horizontally across the page. The first bar has the label: wine in moderation and respecting social beliefs. The second one has the label sweets ≤ 2 s. The third one has potatoes ≤ 3 s, red meat < 2 s, processed meat ≤ 1 s. The fourth one has white meat 2 s, fish/seafood ≥ 2 s, eggs 2–4 s, legumes ≥ 2 s. The fifth one has dairy 2 s (preferably low fat). The sixth one has olives/nuts/seeds 1–2 s, herbs/spices/garlic/onions (less added salt) variety of flavours. The seventh has fruits 1–2, vegetables ≥ 2 s, variety of colour/textures (cooked/raw), olive oil, bread/pasta/rice/couscous/other cereals 1–2 s (preferably wholegrain). The last one has water and herbal infusions. The top three bars have a weekly label, the fourth and fifth bar have an every day label and the sixth bar has every main meal label. On the bottom right of the figure, there is the label regular physical activity, adequate rest and conviality. The left hand side of the figure has biodiversity and seasonality, traditional, local and eco-friendly products, culinary activities. S=serving. On top of the bars is a triangle made up of black images of varying food types.